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Peter Baroni Penned Article
Featured in Federal Sentencing Reporter

The Federal Sentencing Reporter was launched more than two decades ago by legal experts and scholars Daniel J. Freed and Marc L. Miller, in collaboration with the Vera Institute of Justice. It is the only academic journal in the United States that focuses on sentencing law, policy, and reform.
Mr. Baroni's article focuses on supporting victims of violent crime using trauma recovery centers and it being a key component of a successful criminal justice system.
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Peter Baroni Honored with Award
for Excellence in Pro Bono Service

Peter Baroni received the award from the United States District Court’s Eighteenth Annual Awards for Excellence in Pro Bono and Public Interest Service.  These awards honor attorneys for their contributions in helping people most in need of assistance before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  This annual ceremony recognizing pro bono and public interest service before the Court is sponsored jointly by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Hon. Michael J. Newman, the National President of the Federal Bar Association was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. 
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Illinois Sentencing and Disposition Guide,
2016-2017 Edition


What began more than 25 years ago as a handy guide of a few pages, designed for personal use by one of its authors and for sharing with fellow judges, has evolved into a document so comprehensive it merits dissemination to those who toil within the criminal justice system. It's length, however, might discourage use. The "highlight" format of earlier shared versions has been sacrificed to provide answers for occasional problems.  But don't let its size deter you.  [LexisNexis]   [Amazon]

To Stop Violence, Plan Would Help Victims

As Chicago confronts an increasing murder rate, the Illinois legislature is trying to take on the root causes of violence in some of the state's most traumatized communities.  Brian Mackey reports on the Illinois legislature's latest attempt to improve the state's criminal justice system.  Many people who commit crime started out as victims.  And in some neighborhoods, this can lead to a cycle of trauma and retribution.  Read More → 
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Cited as an Authority on Law and Policy

Illinois has given 3,300 people licenses to use medical marijuana, but it hasn't set a threshold at which it considers them safe to drive. That means it is up to a police officer to decide if someone with a medical marijuana license seems impaired and should be charged with driving under the influence, says Pete Baroni, a professor of law at Loyola University of Chicago and former DuPage County prosecutor. Medical marijuana users would commonly have signs of the drug in their blood or urine, since it can show up for weeks after use.  Read More →

The Illinois Pregnancy Fairness Law

The Illinois Legislature determined that current workplace laws did not adequately protect pregnant women and new mothers from workplace discrimination. They noted that pregnant women and new mothers are often forced into unpaid leave or fired, despite the fact that employers could often make reasonable accommodations that would allow them to continue to work. Because women make up fifty percent of the Illinois workforce, and more than fifty percent of those women are of childbearing age, the problem impacted thousands of Illinois citizens.  Read More →

Jury Rejects Inside-Info Trading Claim

A federal jury has determined that a Chinese investment adviser and his firm did not use inside information in making stock purchases that netted an $8 million profit. The jury found in favor of Siming Yang and Prestige Trade Investments Ltd. on an insider trading count included in a lawsuit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thomas More Leinenweber and Justin L. Leinenweber of Leinenweber, Baroni & Daffada LLC represented Prestige Trade at trial.  Read More →