Leinenweber Baroni & Daffada LLC is an Illinois-based, full-service law firm that combines skill, experience and personal service to provide clients with customized legal solutions that best meet their needs.  

Leineneweber Baroni and Daffada attorneys each hold broad backgrounds in business, government and law which allows them to deliver a wide range of services to a variety of clients in diverse areas.

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Leinenweber Baroni & Daffada Consulting LLC is a strategic counter part to the law practice, providing public policy consulting services to a wide range of clients in the criminal justice, business, environment, energy, pension, labor and transportation arenas.

Leinenweber Baroni & Daffada Consulting LLC is successful because of the skill and professionalism of our partners.  The firm maintains offices in Chicago, Wheaton, Wilmette and Springfield Illinois.

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Illinois Sentencing and Disposition Guide, 2014-2015 Edition